Web Design 101: 6 Effective Tips That Drastically Improves Your User Experience

Optimize your website for speed.

Look for a website design company that can help you improve your website’s speed. No user would ever want to browse around a website with slow-loading pages. Therefore, you need to ensure that it’s effectively optimized for all types of occasions.

See to it that your website is mobile friendly.

Mobile devices are already a big part of our lives. Many people are now depending on apps to accomplish their daily routines. Now, it’s you and your web designer’s job to make the website even more accessible.

Use whitespace.

Who would love to read a text-heavy web page? That would be boring and overwhelming. Focus on those black spaces that you can put in between paragraphs, images and other website elements. It pays to have some sort of breathing room to highlight the most important details.

Keep your web pages consistent.

Consistency means that every detail in your website needs to match, from your headings, spacing and coloring to illustration styles and buttons. Each website element must align well according to your brand.

Make the most out of website animation.

Website animation is getting more and more popular. Why? Simply because more users respond to engaging visuals instead of text. There are tons of techniques for modern website animation that people can utilize. All they need to do keep everything well balanced.

Determine your 404s.

Google and other search engines won’t really penalize you for having soft 404 errors. However, some of your users will. Each and every web page needs to respond, and deliver the information your target readers need.