1.Embrace basic, simple contemporary furnishings.

Using simple, clean furnishings are good tools that can help you bring a modern look in a traditional home style. Find clean lines, rich textures and soft colors without feeling tied all the stuffy traditional accessories.

2.Mix modern and traditional periods.

Are you looking for a reputable interior design firm in Malaysia? Well, you better hire seasoned professionals who can help you combine traditional and modern vibes.

3.Add furniture pieces that appear as if they are weathered outside.

Another approach that you can do make your home interiors even more unique is to incorporate some accents and pieces which are inspired by the outdoors. Put woven linen, baskets and vintage accessories. The rustic, soft feel naturally suits older homes.

4.Paint the ceiling and walls, and trim a single color to hide all the imperfections.

Older homes have beautiful door details that were built during the past eras. The finishing touches carries unique personalities! A simple paint coat is your first step into showcasing and preserving these important details.

5.Celebrate stained glass.

Do you have wonderful stained-glass windows? If yes, then simple white walls would let then function as color and art.

6.Utilize airy shelving units.

Utilizing airy and open shelving units are stylish ways to incorporate additional storage for collectibles and books. You can do this without hiding or disturbing the original architecture.