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When creating an app development, you will need to use some software development kits to give you the tools necessary for app creation. Although we use XCode and the Android SDK to create iOS and Android apps, respectively, they do not cater to the vast majority of different apps. One category of applications, in particular, are those in the field of health and fitness. There are actually development kits that are made specifically for the purpose of creating such applications. If you want to know more about them, please read through the rest of the article to find out more about these kits.

1. HealthKit

The first on the list is HealthKit. This development kit is an open-source framework that gives you the tools to create health trackers. You can create ones that track the users’ number of steps, track how many calories they’ve burned, and they can even help with sleep as well. This development kit is only compatible with the iOS platform, though. When using this, be sure to make your application compatible with the Apple Watch to further enhance its capabilities.

2. ResearchKit

Also a development kit for creating healthcare apps for the iOS, ResearchKit has the same core features such as the previous entry, only that it comes with minordifferences. Some new features include the ability to help people when it comes to medical research and diagnosis. Suppose that you’re a doctor and you are treating a patient with a rare disease. It would be cumbersome for your patients to go to your clinic every day for a checkup, right? But you have to check them frequently because it is just routine procedure. This is where ResearchKit comes in. An app developer can create an application that can help physicians communicate with their patients. The patient will have the ability to give doctors some vital information like mental ability analysis, dexterity and gait measurement, and it also has a microphone functionality that allows them to converse with their doctors without any hassle. Of course, the challenge here is how to implement all of these things in one convenient application. But, as an app developer, all of the tools are already present inside the development kit.

3. Google Fit

This is another framework that gives you tools to implement some amazing features such as calorie and step trackers, the amount of distance traveled, and the ability to track physical activities, etc. It is geared towards more active individuals and the features that can be implemented using the software development kit are such that will help people with their health. Again, it is the developer’s job to ensure that their applications will work with smartwatches, fitness bracelets, and any other sports/fitness items that people normally use.

Final Thoughts

It is important than any information that a particular user needs to input inside the app remain confidential. This is so that your application will be HIPAA compliant as it is a necessary component for you to publish your app in the market.