A web host is more important than you think. When most people think about creating their own websites, they rarely ever think about a web hosting provider. That is the start of their demise.

You see, a web host is a company that provides web hosting services. In a nutshell, web hosting is basically where your website’s files will be placed on a server and so long as the said server is running, you can expect your website to be accessible online.

Having said that, choosing a bad web host could lead to a lot of problems and that is why it is essential for you to be choosing the right one from the very beginning.

Today, I am going to talk about the factors you need to consider before choosing a web host.

Service Reliability

A web host runs multiple servers and they are all contained in a data center, which is a facility that provides a conducive environment for these powerful computers to operate indefinitely.

Having said that, going for a web host that promises at least 95% service reliability is a must. When one of their servers go down, how quickly can they restore that server’s files so that any websites that are on it can be accessed again?

The good thing is that you can easily keep track of a company’s service track record to see their server uptime statistics.

Service Scalability

Having tried a lot of web hosting providers out there, I found out that going for a shared hosting plan works for everybody. That is because, at first, you will not know exactly how much internet bandwidth and storage you will need.

That is why it is also nice to sign up for a company that has service scalability. In other words, go for a provider that allows you to upgrade your current hosting plan, especially when the need arises.

Sign-up Cost and Renewal Fees

Since the web hosting industry is competitive, companies are finding ways to entice new customers. Go for one that has a reasonable sign-up cost. Some companies would even provide massive discounts if you opt for their annual plans.

If you happen to stop your web hosting because you want to lay low for a while, how much money do you need to spend on renewal fees? This is also something important to think about as well.

Customer Support and Service

I’ve come across hosting companies that either has outsourced customer service representatives or those that use AI chatbots to ‘solve’ my problem. The former can be forgiven but the latter is a huge no-no.

Any problem on the hosting provider’s side should be fixed in a timely manner and that is why you need to go with a company that offers amazing customer support. This means that when you call their hotline that you are able to talk to a real person and not an AI program.

E-Commerce Options

There are some web hosts that provide e-commerce tools for online entrepreneurs. If you are one, then go for a hosting company that gives you such options.

WordPress Hosting

BlueHost is WordPress’ main hosting service, but it also gives you the chance of choosing your own. If you are using WordPress to create your website, find a web host that supports the hosting of such a platform.

Site Backups

It is possible that your website’s files will become corrupted by malware so web hosts need to make regular site backups to prevent this from happening.

Refund Policy

If you are unsure if a particular hosting company is right for you, always choose those that either give you a trial period or have an easy refund policy.