There are a lot of business ideas that a person can come up with but there are only a few that would truly be profitable for years to come.
If you are thinking of putting up your own online business or even just a small business, for that matter, then read further to find some profitable small business ideas that will work in 2020 and in the future.

Consumer Electronics

If you are multilingual, you can actually put up your own voice translation services. This can also translate to transcribing as well if you have a fast enough typing speed and a very keen sense of hearing.

Voice translation services, believe it or not, are quite in demand nowadays simply because people want to know what others are saying and online translation services are just not cutting it (meaning, they are not as highly accurate as a person that knows the language in question).


Every new entrepreneur is always told to focus on a specific niche so that they can start growing their own businesses and expand later on. That being said, one particular fashion sub-niche is growing in popularity and I am talking about streetwear.

According to recent surveys, millennials and the younger generation, in general, love wearing streetwear. Therefore, it is only fitting that you try this niche out for yourself and see the results.

Plus-Size Clothing

As more and more people are pushing for inclusivity, there is a stark increase in clothing companies that sell plus-size clothing. That means that you should also invest in a business that sells different-sized clothing to ensure that every person is involved in this.

Since a lot of people have now become overweight or obese, you should invest your money into plus-size clothing and sell them for profit.

Wireless Earphones

Also known as TWS or True Wireless Sound, wireless earphones have become quite popular in recent years as modern phones do not support the standard 3.5mm headphone jack anymore.

That being said, you can either go to a private label manufacturer to help you create such things or become a reseller of sorts.

Phone Case

Smartphones are here to stay. In fact, they are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Having said that, it is a good idea to be selling smartphone cases today. Of course, you should not limit yourself solely on selling cases as you can also sell screen protectors and other smartphone accessories as well.

Power Banks

Have you ever been in a situation where you forget to charge your phone and it only has a few percent left? I have, multiple times and it is a frustrating experience. That is why power banks have become quite popular in this day and age.

Think of them as a portable electric outlet where you can charge your devices. Selling power banks just makes more sense today.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are specialized accessories that can put a good enough pressure on your lower legs to help minimize swelling and discomfort. Selling these would be a good idea in 2020.