Did you know that what you eat can actually affect your sex life? For instance, if you are unable to delay ejaculation, then you might have been eating foods that will elevate your arousal, this hampering your ability to prolong sexual intercourse.

Do not worry because in this article, I will provide you with the right information on the foods that will help you boost your sex life.

1.Consume Some Oysters

You have probably known about oysters in that they are very well-known to be aphrodisiacs. A research that was done way back in 2005 showed that clams, oysters, and scallops contain certain compounds that will help raise both estrogen and testosterone levels.

If you increase your sex hormones, this will invariably lead to a heightened sexual desire, thus making these shellfishes the perfect aphrodisiac.

Furthermore, Oysters are actually a great source of Zinc, which not only boosts your immune system but it also improves your blood flow as well (which greatly helps men maintain their erection for quite some time).

2.Lean Meats

Men would really love this information. Lean cuts of meat such as Beef, Chicken, and some pork, contain high amounts of L-Arginine, Zinc, and Carnitine.

Both L-Arginine and Carnitine are amino acids which in the optimization of blood flow in your body. This means that if your blood circulation is optimal at all times, your response to sex will be very good.

In fact, according to the NYU Langone Medical Center, the aforementioned amino acids can be an effective treatment for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.


This fatty fish contains Omega-3 Fatty acids that are known to be good for the heart. A healthy heart means that blood circulation remains to be in its optimal state. And, if you know how your penis works, the more blood that is pumped in the region, the better you are at controlling and maintaining your erection.

However, keep in mind that if you are already predisposed to a high risk of prostate cancer, you may want to lower down your consumption of this since it can promote it.


Although it is not good to eat foods that have a pronounced garlic flavor, this herb is actually one of the best foods that you can eat that will help your sex life.

You see, garlic contains anticoagulants which will help thin your blood, thus decreasing your risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

On top of that, if you eat a lot of garlic, it gives you plenty of other health benefits as well. Plus, they are really inexpensive!


Apples contain an antioxidant known as Quercetin which provides a lot of health benefits. For one, it helps in controlling the symptoms of both interstitial cystitis and prostatitis. Second, it prevents testicular discomfort. Third, it is also related to the treatment of erectile dysfunction, genital pain, among many others.

6.Red Wine

Although not classified as a “food”, this drink contains Quercetin which is also something that you want to have on a daily basis. A glass or two of some good red wine can be a good complement to the other foods that you eat.