What is a conversion rate? To put simply, it is a percentage that tells you if your website is doing its job well. For instance, if you have a business website, your conversion rate will increase if you entice customers to buy from your page.

Many developers from website making companies ensure that the websites that they will create will bring a high conversion rate once it is done.

So, if you want to make something like that, here are some creative web design tips that will help you boost your conversion rate:

1. Big Bad (Good) Typography

Using big and bold typography has proven to be one of the most effective designs that a developer can implement on a website.

You see, when everything is clear and you use typography in a creative way, more and more people are going to enjoy their time on your website.

And since words can help convince a person, you can make use of certain fonts that will a. catch the user’s attention and b. ultimately convince them to engage in doing business on your site.

2. Speed Optimization

With the coming of fast Internet speeds, it is now more important than ever to make your website speedy as well. You have to be aware that a poorly optimized website will still load slowly, despite the fact that the user is using a fast Internet connection.

The speed of your website is a vital aspect of it and so, you have to make sure that it loads pretty quickly.

To check if your loading speeds are good, you can use Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom, KeyCDN, and other similar tools.

Once you find that the overall page loading speed of your site is good (anywhere below 5 seconds), then you do not have anything to worry about. Otherwise, fix some problems on your page to make it load faster.

3. Add Statistics on Your Homepage

Your homepage is something of great importance and therefore, you have to utilize it to your advantage. One way of enticing your customers is to put an achievement counter on your homepage.

Things like how many customers you’ve served, how many people were happy with your products and services, and how much value you’ve given your customers are just some things that you could show in the counter.

4. Make Clever Use of Negative Space

You’ve probably noticed this before. You’ve visited a website and there is a clear space between the top menu bar and the first line of content. That space in between the two is known as negative space and it is something that you can utilize to your advantage.

Instead of putting a blank canvas, you could place some short animations in the said space. Whatever it is, put something that can help convince your customers to buy from you.

5. Use a Video Landing Page

Some websites, when they first load up, will show a short video presentation highlighting some of the aspects of the page.

You can use a video on your landing page to help with your conversion rate as it has been found that it could help increase sales by up to a whopping 80%!

Your video can be anything about your business. You could make a short video infographic, you could introduce various products on sale, or just about anything that will make users want to reach for their wallet to buy something.


As an entrepreneur, you want your website to have a high conversion rate. To do that, the design is one aspect that can help boost it. Be sure to follow some, if not all, tips that are mentioned above to help you achieve that.